Polymer Clay Press


Barcode: 9328577033810

  • Perfect for blending and marbling
  • Includes table clamp
  • Easy to use
  • 9 thickness settings

The Mont Marte Clay Press allows you to create every marbling and blending effect possible! A great accessory for all types of clay modelling, the 9 settings can be used to condition clay, create flat sheets, and for marbling and blending effects. It is an essential tool for creating canes and simple to use with minimal mess, easy clean up and comes with an included table clamp to hold the press in place.



Insert the handle into the slot on the side of the machine until it locks into place. If using the table clamp, position the press at the edge of a table or preferred surface. Insert the top bar of the clamp into the hole and secure to the surface by twisting the turnkey until the press cannot be moved.

NOTE: Before using the Clay Press it is advisable to run a damp cloth or disposable wipe through the rollers repeatedly to remove any dust.


Before running the clay through the rollers, flatten it using your hands or use scissors to cut it into pieces thicker than the roller opening.

NOTE: Avoid using thick and/or stiff pieces of clay through the machine as it may damage the mechanisms. Turning the handle backwards while rolling the clay can also cause damage and should be avoided.


To change the settings on the clay press, pull the numbered knob away from the press and turn it until the desired number sits at the top. Always start with the widest setting (1) and work your way down until the desired thickness is achieved.


Wipe the bottom of the rollers under the machine with a dry towel or disposable wipe. Do not use tools or sharp objects to remove the clay from the machine as this can result in damage to the mechanisms and settings.

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