Premium Colour Pencils Box Set 72pce

Premium Colour Pencils Box Set 72pce


Barcode: 9328577005084

  • Artist quality pencils
  • 72 brilliant colours
  • High quality pigments ensure light fastness
  • Soft, even colour application
  • Chip resistant leads
  • Perfect for gifting to the artist in your life

This set of 72 exquisite colour pencils provide a perfectly curated spectrum of colour for artists. Use for sketching, drawing or detailing designs.

The sleek, elegantly designed lacquered wooden box features a magnetic close for keeping your pencils secure during transport. Two magnetic strips of beech wood inside ensure the pencils don't roll around, preserving the pigment strips and offering artists an easy select format.


To make the most of all your pencils, select colours a shade either side of your most used shade, that way you can use colours you wouldn't normally at an equal rate and preserve your favourite colours for special projects.

Sharpen with a hobby knife and avoid using a traditional sharpener as this can take excess wood off the pencil, which supports the lead. For more information and tips on how to preserve the life of your pencils please visit:

Some colours can last up to 100 years. Pass these pencils on to your loved ones as a family heirloom once you've finished with them.

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